New Orleans Felicity Church


Walker/Jones Wedding


Pocket Door Key Hole


Pew Dedication


Main Entrance Before Brick Restoration


Floor Vent in Sanctuary


Dinner Lab Event


Restored Doors on Chestnut Street


Felicity Church at Night


Old Exterior Ironwork


Corner Stone

Corner Stone and Felicity St.

Walker / Jones Wedding

On March 23rd, 2013, Felicity Church hosted the Walker/Jones wedding ceremony.  This was the first wedding in the church since we began restoring it two years ago.  And it was a fitting first wedding too, seeing as it was Jess and I getting hitched.  We were blessed that almost 250 of our nearest and dearest packed our pews and gallery to take in the event.  Our dog Summer acted as Flower Girl/Ring Bearer and after her duties were over she sat down quietly on the side of the room and ate a well-deserved bone. Such a good girl, I know.  

Our wedding was fairly typical.  As typical as a Jewish/Methodist service officiated by a Judge (standing behind me in the above picture so it looks like I’m 1.5 people wide) in a deconsecrated church closed since Katrina, with a dog as the flower girl can be. The Chuppah was made by my mother and was hung from the trusses by magic fishing line.

I’ve posted a few more photos in the ‘Pictures’ section, and will post more soon.  All photos of our wedding are courtesy of Jason Kruppa. Website:

If you’d like to walk through the church, please contact us and we’ll be happy to schedule a time. 

Chassaignac / O’Dell Wedding

On March 30th, 2013, Felicity Church hosted the Chassaiginac/O’Dell wedding reception.  The 70-or-so guests took in the wedding ceremony in Coliseum Square Park then Second Line’d over to the church.  The guests enjoyed a cocktail hour in our side (court)yard then proceeded upstairs for dinner, dancing, and general merriment. Congratulations, Melissa and Charlie!

We’re still very much a work-in-progress at Felicity Church, but making progress every day.  If you’d like to take a look at the church for yourself, please contact us to schedule a walk through.  

These photos were taken by Shannon Markward at

Dinner Lab

The kind folks at Dinner Lab recently held an event at Felicity Church. Chef Ed served up a fantastic five-course Cuban feast that was capped off by a full roasted pig! (See it in the Pictures section.)  With a new chef every dinner, these guys treat members and guests to innovative and exquisite dining in a bevy of locations you’d never expect.  We never thought we’d be hosting a five-course dinner at this stage in our renovations, but it was set up and executed to perfection by the Dinner Lab crew.  

Our pews were used as seating for the 90+ guests and the sanctuary was lit mostly by candlelight.  There was an amazing feeling of intimacy beneath the looming trusses that span the vaulted ceiling.  

 *All photos of the event are courtesy of Dinner Lab and their fantastic photographer.

New Juvenile Video Shot in Church

New Orleans rapper Juvenile recently shot some scenes for his new music video “SLEEPIN ON ME’ in Felicity Church.  The filming took place in the riverside bell tower, the viewing gallery, and the sanctuary.  Special Thanks to Director Tyler Yee and the cast and crew for such an efficient and well-produced shoot.  If you are interested in seeing the video, you can find it here.  (Please Note: This video contains language and images that might be offensive to some and likewise might not be safe for work.)

Chestnut Street Doors Restored

The Chestnut Street doors have been restored!  These doors slide open to reveal the main staircase that leads directly to the sanctuary.  They are replicas of the original sliding doors that were irrecoverably damaged.  Made of mahogany, these pocket doors measure almost eleven feet tall.  They were milled by Julian Fried(pictured below, left) at New Orleans Millworks.   The Hardware was recovered from Ricca’s Architectural Demolishing Corp. and will be installed soon. 

Julian (left) and Roger (right) discuss the door

We are excited by the continuing changes happening at Felicity Church and hope you are too.  If you have any questions about the church, please don’t hesitate to call or email.